One of the areas of work I have ended up specialising in as a copywriter is in writing blogs for companies. It’s especially satisfying for me because I started out as a blogger, writing two personal blogs (here and here), and it’s something I particularly enjoy doing.

Paying a copywriter to write your company blog for you can seem a bit daunting, but it’s got huge benefits in the long run. Having a blog to begin with is brilliant for SEO, as having rich and interesting content that people want to link to is exactly what now raises your websites profile in Google. A compelling blog with interesting stories also positions you as an expert in your field, whatever it might be, and keeps visitors coming back to your website. The trouble is that most company websites don’t get updated nearly often enough, and end up a wasteland where it’s very obvious to visitors that the last post was six months ago.

Which brings me to the benefit of using a professional copywriter – someone who will plan, research and write as many blog posts as you require. As a professional writer, and especially if they have a background as a blogger, they’ll make sure the posts are well-written, engaging and varied. Researching a topic, finding an interesting spin on it, and then writing a genuinely useful and informative post about it is what professional bloggers do anyway. Being able to do so for a client’s particular area of interest, and understanding how a client’s products fit into the chosen topic, is why you hire us.